Return to Cuba

Documentary | 79 minutes | 2016 |

After living in Italy for 18 years, Barbara Ramos returns to live in Cuba. In the town of Santa Clara, through her family and friends and their personal projects, she discovers what has changed inside her home country, but also what hasn’t and likely will never change. Shot over a period of three years – the time it took Barbara to build her dream house – RETURN TO CUBA chronicles her life after the Fidel Castro era, in the wake of liberal reforms and the reconciliation with the United States of America. A light-hearted yet energetic movie demonstrating that finding happiness is possible again in today’s Cuba!

Festival selections | Festival du cinéma latino de Montréal 2016, Africa World Documentary Film Festival 2016, One World Film Festival 2019
Theatrical release | Canada, USA, Switzerland, UK, Slovakia
Digital diffusion | Amazon Prime Video, OVID, Pragda
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Producer and director DAVID FABREGA | Director of Photography and sound DAVID FABREGA | Original score JAVIER ASENCIO | Editing DAVID FABREGA | Color grading CHARLES BOILEAU | Sound editing GUILLAUME BOURSIER | Sound mixing MARIO BRILLON